Rita Angus


Why I think her work is considered to be an example Modernism

Rita Angus work is considered to be Modernism because of the way she used strong patterns, flattened outlined forms and sharp lighting to identify her work. For example the painting called Cass has dark line color and bright clean lighting with strong colors.


Work and context

She used most of her paintings on materials like oil, water colours and canvas. She used a lot of color, line and tone most of them were done in her home Country New Zealand.

Intentions and meaning of her work

Her intentions were to introduce liveliness in her work by using color and lighting. Most of her work I can almost tell what kind of personality she has  through the use of materials by the way she uses them to make the drawing look more live.

Social influences and Political

Social and political influences on her portrait Betty Curnow.  Rita did not only focus on the personality of the woman in the painting but also looked at the time of the period in which she was working. During the world war II she painted her work with social and philosophical concern.  She influenced a lot of the younger generation of New Zealand artist.













Further reading

Rita Angus: Life and Vision The Te Papa website features all the works in the exhibition currently showing at Christchurch Art Gallery, downloadable audio, viewable sketchbooks and zoomifiable images.

The Selling of Rita by Warren Feeney, Press, The; 16 July 2008, pD1 accessed 17 March 2009 in the EBSCO Host Australia  / New Zealand Reference Centre premium website.

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